Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992

Audre Lorde | photo by Dagmar Schultz


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Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992

Genre: Documentary
Release Year: 2012
Length: 79 minutes
Languages: English/German with subtitles in English/French/German/Spanish
Format: DVD; DigiBeta (NTSC and PAL)
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Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 focuses on Audre Lorde’s relation to the German Black Diaspora, her literary as well as political influence, and is a unique visual document about the times the author spent in Germany. The film is also for coming generations a valuable historical document of German history, which tells about the development of an Afro-German movement and the origins of the anti-racist movement before and after the German reunification. The film relates the beginnings of these political debates and therefore facilitates a historical analysis and an understanding of present debates on identity and racism in Germany. For the first time, Dagmar Schultz’s archival video- and audio recordings and footage will be made available to a wide public. The film represents an important addition to the documentary “A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde“ by Ada Gray Griffin and Michelle Parkerson which was screened at the 45th Berlin Film Festival in 1995.

Video- and audio recordings from different archival sources, poems and prose recited by Lorde, photos and interviews with contemporaries weave a lively image of the author in readings, discussions and in private moments. The connection to the present is being made in interviews with persons who knew Audre Lorde personally.


The film has been presented worldwide at documentary festivals, LGBT, feminist and Black festivals and at numerous events and conferences. (see Festivals and Screenings)
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