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January 2022 Newsletter ENG / DEU

Filmmuseum, Potsdam

Filmmuseum, Potsdam

Dagmar and Ika, Filmmuseum Potsdam

This February, the film has its 10th anniversary since its World Premiere at the Berlinale in 2012!  In 2020 the film still traveled around the world (see our last newsletter). But even in 2021 it found audiences despite Corona. From June onwards, several screenings took place in Berlin as well as in Freiburg, Hannover, and in the Filmmuseum Potsdam.

The Lichtblick-Kino in Berlin was able to resume its monthly screening of the film in the autumn. The film was screened in Porto, Portugal in October at the Film Days Mostra Internacional de Cinema Anti-Racista - MICAR, organized by ONG SOS Racism, an organization that combats racism and xenophobia in Portuguese society.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

In Trondheim, Norway it was shown as part of the exhibition “Sex Ecologies” at the Kunsthalle Trondheim, Norway, and runs there on a screen as a loop until March 2022. Finally, it was screened in Schlanders, Südtirol in December.

The film is also shown in several streaming services (Vimeo, Cinemalovers, KweliTV)

We changed the name of our FaceBook page to Audre Lorde & May Ayim – longtime friends and companians. Why? The film Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 talks about the years in which May Ayim was also active in Berlin. She appears in the film in different contexts. May was a poet, a scholar, an activist, and a friend of Audre Lorde. Audre was a role model for May, and they were friends. Each campaigned in her own way for the development of the Black German Movement.

Film poster for Hope in My HeartIn 2021 we published the book May Ayim. Radical poet, gentle rebel, ed. Ika Hügel-Marshall, Nivedita Prasad, Dagmar Schultz, with texts by and about May Ayim.

We present the book together with the film about May Ayim “Hope in My Heart, Maria Binder, 1997. 29 min.

Screenings are already planned for 2022—with audience presence or online—the journey of the films and books by Audre Lorde and May Ayim continues!

We greet you with these words from May Ayim in the book:

Book cover for May Ayim. Radical poet, gentle rebel

“Where there is oppression,
there is also resistance
Where there is resistance,
there is also hope
Where there is hope,
there is also celebration”

On August 8th 2021, at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of May Ayim's death, about 150 persons celebrated in Berlin the publication of the book May Ayim. Radical poet, Gentle rebel, eds. Ika Hügel-Marshall, Nivedita Prasad, Dagmar Schultz.

Previously unpublished poems and texts by May Ayim as well as personal memories of May from family members in Ghana, the USA and Germany and from colleagues and friends are completed with a large number of color photos. Though in German, the video clip gives a vivid impression of the book launch (clip).




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Best wishes,
Dagmar Schultz

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